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  • Dr. Tom Grodski, ND - Peace Arch Family Health Clinic - Dr. Tom Grodski, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, acupuncturist, craniosacral & bowen therapist, who specializes in naturopathic and integrative family medicine. Naturopathic medicine is dedicated to the healing power of nature, the innate ability of the body and mind to restore balance when supported and guided correctly. It is a form of medicine that integrates science-based and clinically verified natural medicine to help you achieve the best of health for yourself and your family. Naturopathic physicians are skilled health care professionals educated in all aspects of clinical and diagnostic medicine, yet with an emphasis on natural methods of treating the root cause of illness. They take the time to get to know you; to listen to your story, and explore your unique health needs and goals. By understanding you as a whole person, they are able to offer truly individualized health care for both your mind and your body. { white rock | naturopath | prolotherapy }
  • Dr. Tom Grodski - Peace Arch Family Health Clinic - Naturopathic Services: Natural family healthcare for the mind & body Functional Medicine: Homeopathic & Traditional Chinese Medicine Regenerative nutrition & orthomolecular medicine Counseling & homeopathic psychotherapy Bodytherapy: applied kinesiology, craniosacral & bowen therapy Healthy Aging, Detox, Stress Management, & Weight Loss Programs Hormonal and allergy testing Disease Prevention, Health Maintenance & Maximizing Performance "Health isn’t simply about not being sick, but also about feeling good. Its about being free on all levels to live the way you want – physically, mentally & emotionally. Its about having energy & vitality, balance, clarity & peace of mind." { naturopathy | white rock | british columbia | homeopathy | chinese medicine | natural medicine }