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  • Five Minute Angels - Office massage and event massage company, Five Minute Angels, specialise in providing corporate massages at work and events. Five Minute Angels is a company which aims to indulge people with a touch of heaven. Our mission is to make massage more accessible by providing professional, revitalising massages within the UK's premier corporate, hospitality and social events. What we do Our Angels are able to offer a comprehensive range of 5, 10 and 15 minute massages including Indian Head massage, scalp, neck and shoulder massage, facial massages and hand massages. "The best five minutes of my day..." A Five Minute Angels onsite massage is a specially designed unique experience. Our professionally trained Angels provide de-stressing, energising and relaxing massages that leave you with a little piece of harmony and a lot of well being. { uk | massage }
  • Bristol School of Tai Chi - Instruction in Chen style Tai Chi and Chi Kung in and around Bristol, UK { stress | healing | chi kung | tai chi | exercise | relaxation | uk | qigong | bristol }
  • the Yoga & Pilates Detox Retreat UK - A two week yoga and Pilates retreat in July 2012 for £1600 per person (that's only £114 per day!) * Four and a half hours of yoga and Pilates classes included each day * Organic, gluten-free and vegan food and juices included * Massage included * Set in a beautiful country house in Dorset * We offer One week, Two week, Shared and Single Occupancy accommodation during the retreat. Please visit the website for reservations. { yoga | vegetarian | detox | retreat | uk | vegan }