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  • Art of Acupuncture Charlotte - Licensed and certified acupuncturists practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine. Offering Tui Na Therapeutic Massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and cupping for a variety of conditions and disorders. Some of the Common Conditions We Treat… Allergies / Asthma Headache / Migraine Back Pain / Neck Pain Orthopedic Disorders / Sports Injuries Digestive Disorders Infertility / Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues Depression / Anxiety Auto-Immune Disorders Stress / Fatigue / Addictions We strive to provide the highest quality care through gentle, patient-focused services and highly trained professionals that specialize in classical forms of acupuncture such as Japanese Meridian Therapy, as well as Chinese Merbal Medicine, Tui Na massage, and nutritional counseling. { tui na | herbs | cupping | acupuncture | charlotte }