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  • inhalexhale well being inc. - In search for answers to my own questions for deeper understanding and wisdom about my life; I began to study various forms of eastern philosophy and healing in 1997. It is my personal goal to assist others in awakening and remembering their Highest Truth; to release what no longer serves them, and to increase their trust, and love in life so that they may live their life with passion and purpose.   We are all creators of our own life, and healing has helped me reclaim my power, discover my peace within, and create abundance in my life.   I continue to study and teach Reiki, Yoga, Meridian Therapy, and Aromatherapy in Saskatoon.  My teachers have come from all directions, and walks of life; the most profound being the students that have invited me to join them on their journeys.   { aromatherapy | yoga | reiki | theta healing }
  • Eternalkween - Theta DNA Healing, Light Body Activations, Star Activation, Reiki, Holistic Health Counseling, Spiritual Counseling, Self Development, Personal Growth, workshops, classes { reiki | spiritual counseling | theta healing }