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  • Michael W. Adamowicz, LICSW, LLC - There are many ways counseling can help marriage, family or couples problems, people with anxiety, stress, depression or suffering after a trauma. Cognitive behavioral therapy, and other types of therapy, help alcohol and drug abuse, mourning and bereavement, self-esteem and other problems. Therapy helps you see your position more clearly and to find ways to effectively deal with the problems that face you. Therapy assists in regaining a sense of control and balance in your life. Counseling helps to identify goals that address your needs and then to make a plan to turn your life around in the right direction. After all, seeking expert advice is what any successful person would do if they had financial, legal or physical health questions. The same prinicple is true for emotional or relationship problems. It is a sign of good judgement to search out the best counseling available when a difficulty of any kind is holding you back from enjoying the healthiest and most rewarding life possible. description of the private psychotherapy practice of Michael W. Adamowicz, LICSW, LLC. Providing treatment for individuals, couples, adults, teenagers. { couples counseling | psychotherapy | counseling | therapy }
  • A Marriage, Family and Individual Life Coach and Counseling Center - Discovery Counseling is a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide individuals and families counseling, life coach services, mental health therapy, and collaborative dispute resolution services in Orlando, Bradenton, Sarasota. We, at Discovery, are here to walk with you through life’s issues. { counseling | life coach | dispute resolution | therapy }
  • Gina L. Spielman, LCSW & Associates - Licensed professional counseling & hypnotherapy services for clients of all ages. Holistic approaches to wellbeing are also utilized. Counseling offices located in Naperville & Oswego, Illnois. { counseling | depression | therapy | mental | anxiety | hypnosis }
  • Senior Solutions Wisconsin - Helping Seniors Stay independent in their own homes with in-home rehabilitation. Traditional and holistic occupational, manual and verbal therapies within a self-acceptance format. We work with injuries, post heart attack, arthritis, stiffness, chronic pain, gait improvement, depression, addiction and family problems. { chronic pain | depression | healing | therapy | rehabilitation | injuries | arthritis }
  • Nurse Practitioner Psychiatry Coach - Sex Therapy Legal Nurse Center California based - Providing nationwide virtual depression, mood, relationship & sex therapy by board certified therapists. Find a therapist in who specializes in treating sexual dysfunction. Use your phone and a sex therapists who utilizes cognitive techniques to diagnose and treat addictions { therapy | abuse | coach }
  • Olga spiritual counseling, Toronto - Often within pain or depression, there are thoughts we've had for so long and held so close that we don't even know they are there. Still, if you slow down and take a look, you'll find there is always a particular thought that triggers any stressful feeling. For example, anxiety about love results from the basic thought, thought that everyone has, even ninety-year olds, "I need your love," "I'd be lost without you." Unquestioned or uninvestigated thoughts like these pretend to guide us toward love when in fact they are obstacles to it. I will help you see that it's our thoughts that cause suffering, our interpretation of the event, not the event itself. The counselling I am offering is about undoing our stressful thoughts and finding the clarity to see the world in a different way { stress | counseling | therapy | healing | suffering | spiritual }