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  • Spiritual teachers - A compilation of the teachings of some of world's most remarkable souls about our real nature. Each teaching provides a unique path that comes from the same collective source of Truth. { awareness | masters | teachers | love | guru | spiritual }
  • Alexander Technique Yew Street Studio - Lene C. Kroll is fully qualified and insured and teaches out of her studio in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver. The Alexander Technique concerns itself with human beings, and how to bring about an optimal functioning state in each of us. The delicate and complex interplay of the various systems within our bipedal organism, allows us to deal beautifully with gravity. It is when we get in the way of the free working of the postural mechanisms, that we must fight or give in to the force of gravity. This poor use leads to a less integrated state and a loss of our natural poise. The skill you develop with the Alexander Technique can be applied to any action, at any time and in any place. The best time to take lessons is before symptoms occur. This self management tool has been taught for over 100 years to people who want to improve their current state, whatever that may be. { stress | posture | rehabilitation | alexander technique | teachers | vancouver }