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  • A Master Mark's Praying Mantis , Qigong and Taiji School - * Qigong for stress relief, health, rejuvination, and treatment of diseases * Chinese Medicine: Study with a traditional Chinese doctor. Aim of School To preserve the heritage of the original Jook Lum system as passed on to the fifth generation Master, Gin Foon Mark. Thus, not only is realistic self-defense taught, but also cultural and healthful practices in order to produce a well-rounded human being. This is a rare opportunity to learn an ancient, formerly secret, intact art, transmitted from Master to Disciple, which uses the opponent's strength against him. The ultimate goal is not winning tournaments or even self-defense. At first. the student may be interested in self-defense. After years of practice, he forgets about technique and reacts instantly and without thinking to any situation. The final stage is learning to heal yourself and others. { qigong | tai chi }
  • Academy of Health & Martial Arts - The Academy of Health & Martial Arts offers classes in Chinese Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, Taoist Yoga, Tao Yin, Meditation, Bagua Zhang, Hsing Yi Chuan, Chinese Kung Fu { tai chi | tao yin | meditation | taoist yoga | chi kung | qigong }
  • Bristol School of Tai Chi - Instruction in Chen style Tai Chi and Chi Kung in and around Bristol, UK { stress | healing | chi kung | tai chi | exercise | relaxation | uk | qigong | bristol }
  • Serenity Wellness Center - We at Serenity Wellness Center strive to bring you the very best in natural healing & wellness services. We are host to a number of highly-experienced and well-qualified therapists, instructors, and healers. We offer classes, consultations, products and resources to meet all of your wellness needs. Our caring and compassionate staff will help you realize your fitness and wellness goals in a friendly and serene environment. Classes and workshops in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Taoist Yoga, Bagua Zhang. We also have therapists for massage therapy and Reiki treatments. { meditation | yoga | qigong | reiki | tai chi | massage therapy }