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  • Sydney Meditation Classes Courses | Benefits Of Meditation | Learn To Meditate - We offer Meditation Courses and Classes using a Proven, Rapid and Simple Method to learn how to meditate for stress management, health and well being. Learn several Meditation Techniques with an intuitive, experienced coach in the comfort of your own home or our space. { meditation | sydney }
  • Inner Solutions Reiki Centre - Inner Solution Reiki Centre offers Shoden Level I Reiki Courses, Okuden Level II Reiki Courses and Shinpiden Master/Teacher Level Reiki. Reiki Gift Certificates Available. The energy is generally experienced as warmth that gently soothes, replenishes, rejuvenates and relaxes the mind and body, leaving you feeling more refreshed, rested, peaceful and energised. { reiki | sydney }
  • Business Coaching NLP Sydney - NLP Power Training provides Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) training to enhance your personality and develop your skills. Its quite helpful for professionals who have to deal with different mind-set clients and customers in their daily life. { nlp | sydney | business coaching }