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  • Olga spiritual counseling, Toronto - Often within pain or depression, there are thoughts we've had for so long and held so close that we don't even know they are there. Still, if you slow down and take a look, you'll find there is always a particular thought that triggers any stressful feeling. For example, anxiety about love results from the basic thought, thought that everyone has, even ninety-year olds, "I need your love," "I'd be lost without you." Unquestioned or uninvestigated thoughts like these pretend to guide us toward love when in fact they are obstacles to it. I will help you see that it's our thoughts that cause suffering, our interpretation of the event, not the event itself. The counselling I am offering is about undoing our stressful thoughts and finding the clarity to see the world in a different way { stress | counseling | therapy | healing | suffering | spiritual }