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  • - Information, tips, and resources on stress and stress management designed to give visitors all the tools they need to successfully begin living a less stressful life. This site is owned and operated by a Certified Stress Management Coach whose mission in life is to help others live with peace, passion, and hope. { stress management }
  • Pam Paradise Hypnotherapy in Gloucestershire - Gives information on how Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Stress management can help a wide range of problems. As a qualified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in Stroud, Gloucestershire, I have extensive experience helping people with a wide range of problems including stopping smoking, weight loss, IBS, stress and anxiety. I can combine hypnosis with NLP and counselling for a personalised approach to your specific situation. Then, when you have overcome those things holding you back, Life Coaching is available to help you plan your wonderful future. This website aims to de-mystify hypnotherapy and hypnosis and gives examples of some applications which can be alleviated using hypnotherapy and NLP.Some of the most common things I have dealt with since moving to Stroud seven years ago are weight loss, stop smoking, IBS, stress, anxiety and lack of confidence. Whatever it is that's been bothering you, why not decide right now to take action and let hypnotherapy help you! Don't let fear and anxiety hold you back any longer.Please call me on my Freephone number for any further information which isn't on this site. { stress management | stop smoking | weight loss | hypnotherapy | life coaching }