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  • Spiritual Shamanic Healing Counseling Readings - Resolve the core causes of your emotional, mental and physical health. Address all issues. Shamanic Counseling, Healing Hands, Medical Intuitive. Shamanic and Spiritual Healing Counseling Readings are designed to: create daily life balance, support positive associations with others, produce an income stream from something you love, eat foods your body needs to retain mental and physical clarity, encourage positive attitudes, maintain a physical exercise routine that you can perform on a daily basis. Don't be too strict in your life — Love Yourself. { counseling | medical intutive | spiritual healing | shamanic healing }
  • Language of Light Healing - I am Natheya. I do not sing or chant but I SPEAK the Language of Light in words... Yet, when you hear the beautiful soft words of light, there will be music in your heart, there will be geometry dancing and energy flowing, and vibrations awakening... You will be embraced by pure love... your soul and beingness will leap up...in joy...touched to the core... in remembrance of your true essence... aahhh...such wholeness, such essence of love There will be healing and release, transformation and awakening... on all levels.. from your smallest cell to your deepest emotions and you will expand, and fill up to the brim What is the Language of Light ? Read more About me and how I have come to speak the Language of Light. I offer personalized 15-20 minute long audio transmissions of the Language of Light, completely tuned to your energy and to what it is you need at this moment. { sound healing | energy healing | spiritual healing }
  • Light Axis Healing - Healing for physical and emotional trauma and disease. Light Axis Healing is the most powerful healing you will ever have. It uses 7 advanced healing techniques within one healing. Check out the website for testimonials, courses, books and audios. Accurate psychic readings also available. { psychic readings | spiritual healing }
  • lotus.gateway - Spiritual Healing Centre - Offering powerful long-distance spiritual healings and attunements. Free 15-minute healing session to all interested new clients :) { spiritual healing }
  • Energy Healing | Distant Healing - Powerful distant energy healing can help reduce stress, pain and revitalize health. Distant healing can be done for people anywhere in the world. { distant healing | chakra | spiritual healing | energy healing | qigong }