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  • 4allthatmatters.com - Spiritual emergency, kundalini, spiritual crises are the areas I specialize in.If you need help and support with any of the following issues, you have come to the right address. * Life crises - loss of direction, purpose or hope * Depression, Stress, general Anxiety * Anger * Loneliness * Relationship issues * Low self-esteem * Abuse (sexual and/or physical) * Self-Sabotage * Eating disorders * Illness * Loss and bereavement * Trauma, self-harm and dissociation * Spiritual crisis Daniel has years of experience of helping people through difficult times and issues. Working with our Heart and Soul helps us to understand the greater picture and to feel a sense of belonging. By the end of therapy clients consistently have experienced personal growth and more enjoyment in their lives through our work together. { healing | kundalini | spiritual emergency }