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  • Juan David Velez - My goal as a Rolfing® practitioner is to help you move freely, at ease in your body. Ease and freedom can exist only in a body structure that is aligned with gravity – a body that is organized around a central vertical axis. As your body approaches this more upright stature, you will notice that it requires less effort to stand and move. You will feel more relaxed and energetic, uplifted. { yoga | structural integration | migraines | massage | rolfing | pain relief }
  • Afton Alternative Associates - A Holistic Health Practice dedicated to helping you take responsibility for your health and to providing you the tools to accomplish that goal. We offer licensed occupational therapy, licensed counseling, certified Rolfing(R), licensed Brain Gym(R), manual therapies, therapeutic massage, essential oils, classes, workshops and more. { classes | counseling | rolfing | occupational therapy | workshops | therapeutic massage | brain gym }
  • Rolfing To Improve Performance - Web site for Bob Alonz, Certified Advanced Rolfer, in Santa Monica, California. Bob specializes in working with athletes, dancers and the physically active. { posture | sports injuries | rolfing | rehabilitation | injury prevention | somatic experiencing }
  • Rolfing in Boulder - Robert McWilliams offers Rolfing (deep-tissue bodywork) in Boulder, Colorado. { rolfing | massage therapy | bodywork }
  • Senior Solutions Wisconsin - We offer in-home rehabilitation to help seniors stay independent in their own homes longer. Our services include licensed occupational therapy, licensed counseling, Brain Gym(R), Rolfing (R), Therapeutic massage, essential oils, classes, fee for service assistance with activities of daily living and more. Medicaid and insurance eligible. { classes | therapeutic massage | counseling | essential oils | brain gym | activities of daily living | rolfing | occupational therapy }
  • Structural integration - Structural Integration AKA rolfing in Toronto For dealing with Chronic Pain, Rehabiliation or just feeling more comfortable in your own skin Structural Integration is by far the best for long term results! At Body Evolutions we use a complete, holistic approach that gives you the tools you need to reach optimum health and fitness; evolving your health to places you never thought possible! No matter where you are starting from, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get you to your goals! We believe in our system, and if you follow it, we guarantee results! Our philosophy is multidisciplinary. We believe everyone is unique and individual and because of this you may need something completely different from someone else with the same symptoms or goals. This is why we always fully assess all of our clients on an ongoing basis. This allows us to offer you a highly specific plan so that you may achieve your health and wellness goals! If you live in Toronto and want to change your life, we urge you to contact us today and begin your journey to where you want to be! No more excuses, delays, or other tactics we all use on ourselves to give us a reason to hold off change. We are here to help, and offer you everything you need to get started.! { structural integrations | toronto | rolfing | bodywork | rolf }
  • Whole Body Balance Massage - Whole Body Balance Massage provides high quality Massage, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) in Boulder, Colorado. Whether you are looking for a therapeutic treatment from stress, injury, and pain or just want to relax and unwind, Whole Body Balance offers a wide range of therapeutic services. { cranial sacral | rolfing | massage | boulder massage therapy | massage boulder | deep tissue massage }
  • Rejuvenate with Rolfing - Practitioner in Woodinville, Washington. Includes services, products, articles and contact info. Rolfing® aka Structural Integration is a scientifically validated body therapy founded by Dr. Ida Rolf. Manipulation of the body's connective tissue or fascia promotes lengthening and optimizing the body's alignment, therefore, often promoting a sense of wellness and wholeness of the individual. Will Rolfing® benefit you? More than likely, yes. The benefits of Rolfing® do vary from person to person, though muscle aches and pains typically go away after one or more treatments. Misha has been an Advanced Certified Rolfer® for over 10 years and offers individualized attentive care and treatment for lower back pain, tennis elbow, spinal misalignment and relief from fibromyalgia or migraines. Whatever your needs are, and no matter what your medical history is, Misha will determine whether Rolfing® is the best solution for whatever pain or discomforts you may be experiencing. { cranial sacral | structural integration | rolfing | reiki | migraine relief | pain reduction }
  • Bellevue Rolfing - The scientifically tested system that restructures the human body, releasing it from from life-long patterns of tension and poor posture. A skillful, hands-on approach with lasting results. Deep effective bodywork. Certified Rolfer for over 12 years. Skilled at pain relief. { structural integration | rolfing | bodywork | myofascial work }