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  • Yahoo! Groups: Rife - For all those who wish to discuss the treatment invented by Royal Raymond Rife, that uses resonance frequencies to treat a wide range of diseases. Includes joining instructions. { rife | energy healing }
  • Royal Rife - Scientific data and white papers describing the work of Dr. Royal Rife in developing technologies that utilize electro-medicine to kill harmful microbes. { rife | energy healing }
  • Frezgengui - A frontend for easy use of freqgen.exe which is used to drive RIFE healing devices. It is designed to make the use of freqgen( computer frequency generator) easier. { rife | energy healing }
  • BioHarmonics: Frequency Therapy for Your Health - BioHarmonics is a frequency therapy developed by Linda Townsend which stimulates natural healing. Based in Hiram, Georgia. { rife | energy healing }
  • The Electrpherbalism Homepage - Information on Bioelectronics and Naturopathy, including Rife and Rife-Bare, Hulda Clark and Tesla, Also articles on alternative therapies, protocols, and regimens using vitamins, minerals and herbs. { rife | energy healing }
  • Rife Frequency Generators - Details about an effective method of killing cancer in the human body without damaging normal cells. This article tells of a new inexpensive source for the frequencies and includes a history. { rife | energy healing }
  • Rife Information Forum, Europe - Includes an introduction, an interview with Rife, pictures, and links. { rife | energy healing }
  • Rife 2002 International Health Conference - Brings together people from around the world to share the incredible potential of Rife technology. Includes registration, speakers, links and contact details. To be held on March 15-17, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada. { rife | energy healing }
  • RifeTech - An alternative healing method based on Dr. Royal Rife's work with resonant frequencies to kill microbes. Research and articles by Gary Wade, physicist. { rife | energy healing }