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  • Crystal Vision Healing - My approach to enlightenment, self growth and healing are based on a combination of Eastern and Western Philosophy and Healing modalities. I offer a wide variety of transformative processes that promote balance within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy systems. This balance helps strengthens your own inner connection to your Divine Self. The techniques and processes I use are always gentle and loving, with your highest interests at heart. Everyone is unique and your sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. I welcome and look forward to helping anyone who desires to bring more peace, vitality, abundance, love, harmony and wholeness in their lives. Some of the services I offer are: ©BahmanFarzad/ Mindful Matters Spiritual Growth & Healing Spiritual Guidance Intuitive/Psychic Readings Transpersonal Psychology Energy Healing Chakra & Energy Balancing Meditation Instruction Enlightenment Workshops & Classes Color and Sound Healing Light Energization Healing Life Enrichment Counseling & Coaching RoHun™ Integrative Therapy Past Life Regression Reiki Healing & Instruction Crystal Therapy & Healing Pet Communication & Healing Yhandi Child Adult/Child Integration Therapy Medical Intuitive Blood Cleanse { mooresville nc | self growth | psychology | reiki | psychic | energy healing }