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  • balance and peace massage therapy - there are many therapeutic benefits from massage therapy beyond pampering. to name a few things, massage therapy is a tool that: * relieves back pain * relieves carpal tunnel * enhances your immune system * treats and prevents migraine headaches * alleviates side effects from cancer treatments * eases some of the discomforts from pregnancy * releases endorphins, our bodies natural "pain killer" * decrease your stress and tension * decrease depression and anxiety { deep | therapeutic | pregnancy | sports | massage | gift certificates }
  • Family First Chiropractic - Drs. Jason & Danella Whittaker provide chiropractic care to Winnipeg Families. Your spine protects your nervous system. The nerves which leave your spine are connected to every part of your body. Misalignments to your spine can interfere with the function of those nerves which leads to illness and pain. { pregnancy | chiropractic | breech | headaches | winnipeg }
  • Relax the Mind, Renew the Body, Revive the Soul! - All about massage therapy session with Kenny Lyons, Licensed Massage Therapist and former Program Director of the Louisville School of Massage Offering quality massage therapy to my clients in Louisville is something I am very passionate about. Therapeutic massage continues to be proven by medical and scientific research as something everyone should embrace for a healthier lifestyle. Massage helps the body and mind stay balanced and healthy. Feeling is believing! There is simply nothing else you will experience in your life that will compare to a massage. The sense of relaxation, the lack of stress or the relief of pain is unlike anything you can imagine. If you feel like you deserve this, then you owe it to yourself to make an appointment. The typical initiation to therapeutic massage is usually motivated by the need to alleviate a painful condition or stress. However the magical affects of massage therapy go deeper and offer you far more. Regular massage can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being. Whether you come for relaxing massage therapy or a more rehabilitative therapeutic session, you will feel the effects in your mood and movement for some time. I hope you spend a few minutes exploring this site, learn about the benefits of massage therapy, and that we will meet soon for a session. { pregnancy | reiki | massage }