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  • ReBuildingYou - Have you experienced physical or emotional trauma? Come B.A.C.K Faster and Stronger... Build winning Attitude with Coaching & Knowledge We help you create your own blueprint - your guide to ReBuildingYou after any kind of trauma. Inspirational stories * Diagnosis Explained (by a professional) * Diagnosis Experienced (by a survivor) * Therapies Explained (by a Master Therapist) * Therapies Experienced (by a client) * Directory-with-a-difference of Therapists * VillageCrier Ezine/Newsletter * DiffAbled Dating * Advocacy * Latest News * VillageCommunity Forum * VillageCrone Counselling * JOIN our village by signing up to receive the VillageCrier FREE and become a FOUNDING VILLAGER TODAY { therapist directory | life coach | physical trauma | victoria | emotional trauma }