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  • Your Vital Life - Dr. Adrienne Shulman N.D. - Dr. Shulman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor through the BDDT-N and a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She integrates the traditional philosophies of naturopathic medicine with the latest scientific research to help patients achieve their very best health. She has a particular focus on weight loss, horrmonal health and infertility. As an Integrative and Functional Naturopathic Doctor, my goal is to treat YOU the patient, not just your disease label or your symptoms. This means understanding your unique biochemistry and discovering the true underlying CAUSES of your illness. I bring together the latest research and advanced biochemical testing with safe NATURAL therapies, to create a personalized treatment plan just for YOU. I’ve done this for thousands of patients who were looking for ways to boost their immune system, lose weight, re-energize themselves, increase their fertility and much, much more! The health techniques I use will also help to make you fundamentally healthier and prevent illness before it occurs. { toronto | naturopathic doctor | weight loss | fertility | sleep }
  • The Meridian Institute for Naturopathic Therapies - The Meridian Institute for Naturopathic Therapies (MINT) is a St. Louis naturopathic medical practice, created to restore, renew and refresh the human body, mind, and spirit through the natural healing science of naturopathic medicine. We employ alternative, preventative and integrative medicine using scientific research, ancient therapies and spiritual healing as means to achieving your health goals. { naturopath | naturopathic doctor | homeopathic | touch for health | wellness }
  • PointGrey Wellness Clinic - Principles of Naturopathic medicine: 1. First, Do No Harm - Primum non Nocere Naturopathic physicians use the least invasive treatments and techniques. They are trained to recognize when to refer patients to appropriate providers when the need arises. 2. Find the Cause - Tolle Causam It is our goal to remove the problem at the source since masking or suppressing symptoms can be potentially harmful. Lifestyle, emotions, stress, and diet can all play an important role in the cause of disease. 3. Healing Power of Nature - Vis Medicatrix Naturae Naturopathic physicians believe the body has an innate healing capacity. Naturopathic physicians use treatments that naturally support those processes, restoring the individual to good health. 4. Treat the Whole Person - Tolle Totum Naturopathic physicians treat people, not just diseases. We consider the integral nature of the individual's body, mind, spirit, environment, lifestyle and genetics in our treatment approach. 5. Physician as Teacher - Docere It is our duty and privilege to take adequate time to educate our patients on principles of healthy living to promote wellness and focus on prevention of disease. { naturopathic doctor | acupuncture | naturopathy | wellness }