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  • Balanced Being Acupuncture - Classical Acupuncture- a powerful form of healing to relieve pain and prevent disease. We treat all people, but specialize in women's health issues. I’m Jon-Erik Lido, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Balanced Being Acupuncture. I invite you to explore this web site to learn more about how our special approach to treatment can help you, your family and friends to achieve your own unique health goals. Whether you desire help with sleep issues (insomnia or somnolence), pain (from back ache to arthritis to fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue, fertility, depression or some concern that may not even have a name, I am here to be your partner in health, using acupuncture to help you achieve the best possible results. My approach is holistic and patient-centric. This means that I take the time to listen to you, developing not only a comprehensive picture of your entire health, but also an understanding of your priorities for treatment and how your health impacts your life. The way I see it, this medicine is not just about treatment of a disease or condition- it’s about making people’s lives better. Acupuncture is what I do because I truly care about people! { alternative medicine | natural medicine | acupuncture }
  • Dr. Tom Grodski - Peace Arch Family Health Clinic - Naturopathic Services: Natural family healthcare for the mind & body Functional Medicine: Homeopathic & Traditional Chinese Medicine Regenerative nutrition & orthomolecular medicine Counseling & homeopathic psychotherapy Bodytherapy: applied kinesiology, craniosacral & bowen therapy Healthy Aging, Detox, Stress Management, & Weight Loss Programs Hormonal and allergy testing Disease Prevention, Health Maintenance & Maximizing Performance "Health isn’t simply about not being sick, but also about feeling good. Its about being free on all levels to live the way you want – physically, mentally & emotionally. Its about having energy & vitality, balance, clarity & peace of mind." { naturopathy | white rock | british columbia | homeopathy | chinese medicine | natural medicine }