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  • Acupuncture - Complementary health: 20 years in practice. TCM acupuncture,herbs; Manual Lymph drainage Aromatherapy and more TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is truly holistic medicine; everyone can benefit from TCM approach. It can treat many health problems, but most important it is a preventative medicine Variety of techniques are used to help the individual to recover, sustain health and achieve full potential in life. Do you feel tired all the time? Do you suffer pain (headaches, back, muscles, joints)? When is your pain worse? When you are filling cold, fatigued? Do you feel cold, depressed? Do you feel bloated after eating; or are you constipated/loose? both?? (IBS) If the answer is 'yes' to a one /all of these questions, please give me a ring. Do you want to know more? Get in touch! Even just for a chat. (I do ask a lot of questions, some of the questions go back to your childhood and beyond.) { ivfsupport body work | mld | lymphoedema | acupunctrure }