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  • Reiki classes in St. Louis - Healing Today has provided Reiki classes and attunements to hundreds of students since 1999. We hold regular healing circles, workshops, and drum circles in the Tampa Bay area. Our membership includes Reiki Master/practitioners, herbalists, aroma therapists and other natural healers who are happy to provide complementary healing treatments to those in need. We have a church designation, which allows us to legally perform various services including marriages. Adding positive healing energy to your vows of love makes for a very special occasion. We absolutely do not discriminate against anyone who follows the Rede, the golden rule, or a similar, compatible Code of Ethics. In addition to the events we sponsor directly, we also help other individuals or groups with any workshops/circles they would like to hold at their location. { training master | energy | missouri | healing | illinois | reiki }
  • Reiki classes in Illinois and Missouri - Healing Today has provided Reiki classes and attunements to hundreds of students since 1999. We now offer workshops in St. Louis, Missouri on a regular basis. { energy | workshops | reiki | training | missouri }
  • Reiki to Use for Everyday Happiness and Health - Van and Kay Van Alstyne offer healing and teaching in St. Louis, Missouri. { missouri | reiki | teacher }
  • Brad & Diane Masters - Information on healing, attunements, massage and classes in the Kansas City metro area. Newsletter. { missouri | reiki | teacher }
  • Eagle Life Coaching - Carol Gamm Smith re-focuses clients on their dreams and goals. Offers free introductory consultation. (Holts Summit) { missouri | coaching }
  • Wholistic Alternatives - Energy balancing, spiritual healing, essential oil therapies, live blood cell analysis, living foods guidance in St. Joseph. { missouri | retreat }
  • Center-Point Management - Specializing in Remote Depossession or Spirit Clearing. Also teaches spiritual hypnosis. Missouri. { missouri | hypnotherapy }
  • Sears, Harley - Provides therapy in Kansas City, for individuals, couples and groups. Features biography, FAQ, and details of services. { missouri | hypnotherapy }
  • Wholistic Life Center - Offers in-resident wellness programs, out-patient clinic and massage and healing therapies school. Washburn, Missouri. { missouri | retreat }