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  • Rejuvenate with Rolfing - Practitioner in Woodinville, Washington. Includes services, products, articles and contact info. Rolfing® aka Structural Integration is a scientifically validated body therapy founded by Dr. Ida Rolf. Manipulation of the body's connective tissue or fascia promotes lengthening and optimizing the body's alignment, therefore, often promoting a sense of wellness and wholeness of the individual. Will Rolfing® benefit you? More than likely, yes. The benefits of Rolfing® do vary from person to person, though muscle aches and pains typically go away after one or more treatments. Misha has been an Advanced Certified Rolfer® for over 10 years and offers individualized attentive care and treatment for lower back pain, tennis elbow, spinal misalignment and relief from fibromyalgia or migraines. Whatever your needs are, and no matter what your medical history is, Misha will determine whether Rolfing® is the best solution for whatever pain or discomforts you may be experiencing. { cranial sacral | structural integration | rolfing | reiki | migraine relief | pain reduction }