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  • Ava Evans Hypnotherapy Los Angeles - Ava Evans, a certified hypnotherapist in Los Angeles has been helping people overcome their fears, quit smoking, and more for many years. { hypnotherapy | los angeles }
  • Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Los Angeles - Brian Green, CHT, CDS. Feel better, do better. Certified Hypnotherapist & Chemical Dependency Counselor. All issues, all ages. Alcoholism and Addiction specialist. 12 Step counseling. Individual, teen, family, marital and couple’s issues. Private practice 17 years, (2015). Caring & confidential. Power to solve your problems. If it can be done, I'm one of the guys that can do it. Free 15 min phone consult. Don’t delay, call today. 323 851 7208 { los angeles | hypnotherapy }