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  • Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage - Therapeutic Massage Clinic that specializes in massage with a healing intention. AMTA members, nationally certified, educators. Research has demonstrated that touch is necessary for normal infant development, and the need for touch continues throughout our lives. The nurturing touch of massage can help restore your energy and sense of well-being, while allowing you a respite from stress. This may well be reason enough to get a massage, but for those suffering from chronic pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, poor circulation, etc, massage can play a significant role in improving your health. Isn't massage a luxury? Even if massage was just an enjoyable experience, YOU deserve it! Massage is more than a luxury. It promotes health and vitality. Receiving massage is an investment in a better lifestyle choice for yourself. Let us be your partners in maintaining your good health. { cupping | couples massage | aromatherapy | chair massage | hot stones | deep tissue }