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  • Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy - The goal of MIH is to empower each individual to achieve their own destiny by teaching the wonderful power of the subconscious mind. The individuals seeking hypnotherapy are taught how to take charge of the subconscious and to utilize the power of the mind for healthy behaviors. To achieve the goal of empowerment to individuals Linda also provides Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy training for practitioners so the public has access to qualified professionals. Beginner and Advance Hypnotist Training Certification by Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy and The International Association of Counselors and Therapist. Providing professional support for hypnotist and hypnotherapist in Kansas, Missour, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas { stop smoking | weight management | guided imagery | past life regression | hypnosis }
  • Yana L. Freeman CCHt - Spiritual & Clinical Hypnotherapist offering Guided Meditation CD's and MP3's. (new web site) Arkansas based Hypnotherapist dedicated to helping others using proven techniques of relaxation, guided imageries and meditations. Your true being is ready to assist and knows no boundaries and no limits. When we relax and go within all the answers to life’s question are available when you are ready to listen. { arkansas | guided meditation | guided imagery | hypnosis }