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  • Foot Care Products - DrTodds.com offers a wide selection of quality foot care products as well as orthopedic and diabetic shoes. We carry a wide variety of foot care products: corn and callus pads, foot creams, heel cushions, support hose, antifungal products, foot & toenail files, toenail clippers, diabetic socks, slippers, insoles & arch supports and much more. We also have diabetic foot care products and footwear which are specifically designed to prevent as well as treat problems that affect those with diabetes. DrTodds.com offers weekly internet specials and is continually updated with new products. We now carry orthopedic shoes from Pedors and Drew. Both Pedors and Drew are manufacturers of high quality, very comfortable orthopedic and diabetic footwear. Pedors and Drew orthopedic shoes are designed for individuals with diabetes, hammertoes, bunions, swollen feet and other hard to fit feet. { feet | diabetic shoes | orthopedic shoes | foot care products }