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  • Fresh Start Health Retreats - Fresh Start Health Retreats offer far more than a weight loss retreat, although many of our clients lose weight. Our programs are focused around a detox cleanse incorporating a complete body cleanse, including a liver cleanse. We call our three programs Relax, Prevent and Restore, because that’s exactly the benefits our wellness retreat programs will offer you. { yoga | retreats | detox }
  • Karuna Detox Retreats - Karuna Detox is the UK's first Holistic Detox Retreat, aimed at cleansing body, mind, & spirit. The supportive, inspirational seven-day program includes a juice diet with supplements, countryside walks, meditation, yoga, colonics, nutritional talks, additional massage treatments and energy-work, as well as a complementary journey therapy - all housed in a stunning rural location, complete with sauna and swimming pool. { meditation | yoga | detoxification | detox | retreat | colonics }
  • NewCell Detox Ion Foot Bath and Water Ionizers - NewCell Detox provides the finest & most cost effective Ion Foot Bath, Water Ionizers and Healing Products available. Our products include the NewCell Detox Foot Bath, Alkalark Portable Water Ionizer, and other detoxifying products. The NewCell Foot Detox Bath can help to energize and invigorate you using it's Superior Ion Detoxification Technology. Our units use advanced technology and microprocessors that are Made in the USA. NewCell Detox units offer the industries best combination of quality and value. { foot bath | alkalark | detox }
  • the Yoga & Pilates Detox Retreat UK - A two week yoga and Pilates retreat in July 2012 for £1600 per person (that's only £114 per day!) * Four and a half hours of yoga and Pilates classes included each day * Organic, gluten-free and vegan food and juices included * Massage included * Set in a beautiful country house in Dorset * We offer One week, Two week, Shared and Single Occupancy accommodation during the retreat. Please visit the website for reservations. { yoga | vegetarian | detox | retreat | uk | vegan }