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  • Flower Remedies - Wildflower has created a range of flower remedies and mineral essences for your own personal and professional use. So why Wildflower? There are many different ranges of flower essences available from all over the world. All our Wildflower essences are wild crafted and hand made using the ‘Crystal Essence Method’. This allows the wild flower’s full healing properties to be used while infusing mineral essences into every remedy. The combining of the two essences is unique in this process. It also means that the plants complete uncut life force can be obtained not just from its flowers but the whole plant as its roots are still connected to the Earth. Where do we find them? Wildflower essences are co-created deep in the countryside. They can be discovered in ancient woodlands & forests, secluded springs or streams and peaceful places that have a special feel to them. I believe that Mother Nature wishes to help us wherever she can & flower and mineral essences are just the tools to help us heal our selves & evolve as spiritual human beings. { healing | crystal essence | aura spray | essences }