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  • Chronic Pain Today - A weblog designed by a chronic pain sufferer FOR chronic pain sufferers. Tina was diagnosed with her own chronic pain condition, interstitial cystitis, in 1993. She began an exhaustive search for information and found little. Over the next fifteen years she has interviewed chronic pain specialists, found support groups, and read medical journals to inform and educate herself on chronic pain conditions as well has her own interstitial cystitis. Today she stands as a patient care advocate for people with “invisible diseases”. { fibro | chronic pain | interstitital cystitis | pain conditions | back pain | arthritis }
  • Heal Pain Naturally - I used the law of attraction and mind/body connection methods to heal myself of chronic pain. I now am a mind/body mentor and maintain a blog on ways to heal pain (emotional and physical) naturally from within. { chronic pain | mind body | heal pain | natural healing | law of attraction | the secret }
  • Massage Therapy Annapolis - Therapeutic massage for chronic pain, stress reduction, relaxation: European Medical Massage. Sports Massage. Pre-natal Massage. Swedish Massage. Deep Tissue Massage. Ultimate Hands & Feet Massage. { massage | chronic pain }
  • Northwest Chronic Pain Management - Chronic Pain Treatment & Education featuring natural and pharmaceutical pain management options. Our group of caring, energetic counselors are here to help you with any of life's challenges After hearing you and understanding what is going on in your life, we will explore alternatives and solutions with you. We use supportive, expressive, insight-oriented & cognitive therapies. We also utilize various relaxation techniques, as many clients find them quite helpful. We will also provide education and other recommendations. { chronic pain }
  • Senior Solutions Wisconsin - Helping Seniors Stay independent in their own homes with in-home rehabilitation. Traditional and holistic occupational, manual and verbal therapies within a self-acceptance format. We work with injuries, post heart attack, arthritis, stiffness, chronic pain, gait improvement, depression, addiction and family problems. { chronic pain | depression | healing | therapy | rehabilitation | injuries | arthritis }