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  • Niseema: Integrative Bodywork Therapy - My integrative bodywork therapy practice seeks to promote the balanced flow of your physical, mental and emotional energy. Advanced training in Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy as well as other modalities, supports and informs my work helping you find that place of beauty, nourishment, rest and relaxation within yourself. Essential oil aromatherapy is a recent addition to my practice. My intention in offering aromatherapy is it’s ability to be customized and portable. The use of essential oils can promote balance in your everyday life. Understanding the therapeutic properties of plants and their effects on the physical, mental and emotional levels allows me to create blends that will be most beneficial to you. Diet Counseling based in Ayurvedic theory, the ancient Indian medical system, will encourage balance based on your body type, lifestyle and astrological blueprint. Foods and their ‘tastes’ are broken down into the core elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The balance of these tastes and your constitution will help balance nutrition and your relationship to food. Polarity Yoga Simple yet effective exercises to bring awareness to energy blocks and flow. If an area of chronic tension is identified then specific movements can be used on a daily basis to unwind that tension. These exercises come from a variety of sources Hatha yoga, Brain Gym, kinesthetics and Dynamic Movement. Look for videos posted on my blog that demonstrate these exercises. { energy therapy | mind body spirit | polarity therapy | massage therapy | chakra balancing }