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  • AlbertaPT - AlbertaPT is a collaboration between a number of physiotherapy providers and physicians within Calgary. We know that each injury is unique and choosing the correct therapy is important { physiotherapy | calgary }
  • Dr. Susan MacDonald - Dr. Susan MacDonald provides individual, organization & corporate psychological services in Calgary - Career Counsellor - Free Telephone Consults Work and career are an important part of our lives. Whether making a career decision for the first time, or later in life, professional career counselling can help you find the job that is right for you. Career counselling will help you understand yourself, your strengths, personality, interests, and values. Career counselling offers you understanding of the world of work, and how to find the best job for you in the Calgary market and beyond. { calgary | counsellor | psychologist }
  • Marriage Counselling Calgary - Ken Fierheller is relationship expert who helps couples reconnect and repair damaged relationships. Ken uses a combination of strategic approaches to help couples move back into intimacy and connection with one another. Contact Ken for free phone consultation { calgary | counselling }
  • Yoga Santosha - A Calgary Yoga Studio - At Yoga Santosha our goal is to give everyone a beautiful place to connect to themselves and others. We are a fun, welcoming and supportive community - a place where you can begin your yoga practice or nurture and grow your existing practice. With an exceptional roster of dedicated instructors offering a wide variety of class styles and formats, our aim is to provide students at every level with quality yoga instruction in an environment that will let your contentment blossom. Centrally located, with classes from early morning to late evening 7 days a week, Yoga Santosha will have something for you! We offer Ashtanga, Flow, Hot, Yin/Yang, and Kripalu Yoga, all of which use a combination of movement and posture synchronized with the breath. Strength, flexibility, stamina and complete relaxation are developed along with balance and concentration. { hot yoga | yinyang | kripalu | calgary | ashtanga yoga }