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  • Massage Williamsburg - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Certified Prenatal Massage Therapy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Swedish Massage: A deeply relaxing massage using long gliding strokes to improve circulation, reduce muscular tension, and relieve stress. $80/hr Deep Tissue Massage: A therapeutic massage designed to address chronic muscle tension, relieve painful, sore or tight muscles, and improve joint mobility. $80/hr Prenatal Massage: An enjoyable massage that specifically targets areas of discomfort to provide relief to the neck, low back, and hips, as well as alleviate swollen ankles and tired legs. The client has the option of laying safely flat on their belly using the Prego Pillow system, or in a supported and comfortable side-laying position with maternity pillows. $95/hr Shiatsu: Gentle stretches and pressure along specific points on the body to balance the body's energy and encourage self-healing. * Client should wear loose and comfortable clothing. $80/hr { massage | prenatal massage | brooklyn }