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  • Chronic Pain Today - A weblog designed by a chronic pain sufferer FOR chronic pain sufferers. Tina was diagnosed with her own chronic pain condition, interstitial cystitis, in 1993. She began an exhaustive search for information and found little. Over the next fifteen years she has interviewed chronic pain specialists, found support groups, and read medical journals to inform and educate herself on chronic pain conditions as well has her own interstitial cystitis. Today she stands as a patient care advocate for people with “invisible diseases”. { fibro | chronic pain | interstitital cystitis | pain conditions | back pain | arthritis }
  • Synergy Health Chiropractic - Synergy Health Chiropractic is dedicated to unlock your health potential. With online resources and a friendly place of healing, everyone has a chance to unlocking their health potential. Spinal joints that aren’t moving right can choke or irritate nearby nerves. Chiropractic adjustments add motion to these stuck joints, reducing nervous system disruption. Then, health has the best opportunity to return. Like lifting a heavy rock off your toe, our patients often report a pleasant sense of release directly following their adjustments. { back pain | chiropractor }
  • alexander technique montreal - Lawrence Smith teaches the Alexander Technique in Montreal. 30 years experience. Known for his work with professional musicians, dancers and actors. { stress | posture | musicians | montreal | back pain | alexander technique }
  • David Scrimgeour, L.Ac. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - Specializing in the treatment of fertility, pain,sports injuries, sciatica, back pain, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, women's health, pms, menopause, adrenal issues, insomnia, GI issues, Crohn's, Inflammatory Bowel, liver disease, Hepatitis C, pregnancy, threatened induction, breech presentation, overall health and vitality { fertility | colorado | boulder | back pain | chinese medicine | acupuncture }
  • Doctor's Pain Relief Systems - Doctor's Pain Relief Systems was founded and developed by Dr. Jason Hurst in order to provide pain management solutions to men and women in pain. Doctor's Pain Relief Systems provides pain relief treatments for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, joint pain and chronic pain. { back pain }
  • Dr. Jason Alvarez DC PA - Miami Chiropractor - Chiropractor in Miami specializing in back pain and neck pain relief. Whether you have been in an car accident or have chronic pain Dr. Alvarez can help you with natural chiropractic care. { neck pain | miami | herniated disc | sciatica | back pain | chiropractor }
  • Posturally - Creative Body Therapy for a Pain Free Life. { back pain }