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  • Yana L. Freeman - Alexander. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, spiritual guidance, spiritual healer. Photo albums, services, reading list. { arkansas | hypnotherapy }
  • Art of Tai Chi Chuan - Tai chi, push hands and chi kung instruction by Master Elaine Waters. Fayetteville, AR. { arkansas | qigong | chinese medicine | training }
  • Suchness Spa - Information about Sacred Healing Rituals offered at the New Orleans Hotel in Eureka Springs. { arkansas | retreat }
  • Yana L. Freeman CCHt - Spiritual & Clinical Hypnotherapist offering Guided Meditation CD's and MP3's. (new web site) Arkansas based Hypnotherapist dedicated to helping others using proven techniques of relaxation, guided imageries and meditations. Your true being is ready to assist and knows no boundaries and no limits. When we relax and go within all the answers to life’s question are available when you are ready to listen. { arkansas | guided meditation | guided imagery | hypnosis }