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  • A Better Me - We are a Wellness Spa offering unique services such as floatation therapy,red light therapy, and infrared saunas. { alternative medicine }
  • Balanced Being Acupuncture - Classical Acupuncture- a powerful form of healing to relieve pain and prevent disease. We treat all people, but specialize in women's health issues. I’m Jon-Erik Lido, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Balanced Being Acupuncture. I invite you to explore this web site to learn more about how our special approach to treatment can help you, your family and friends to achieve your own unique health goals. Whether you desire help with sleep issues (insomnia or somnolence), pain (from back ache to arthritis to fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue, fertility, depression or some concern that may not even have a name, I am here to be your partner in health, using acupuncture to help you achieve the best possible results. My approach is holistic and patient-centric. This means that I take the time to listen to you, developing not only a comprehensive picture of your entire health, but also an understanding of your priorities for treatment and how your health impacts your life. The way I see it, this medicine is not just about treatment of a disease or condition- it’s about making people’s lives better. Acupuncture is what I do because I truly care about people! { alternative medicine | natural medicine | acupuncture }
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies - A portal for home remedies based on Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani systems of medicine. Collection of tips from various sources by an ayurveda enthusiast. { alternative medicine | natural remedies | herbal remedies | ayurveda }
  • Center for Holistic Medicine - An alternative medicine practice in West Asheville founded by Licensed Acupuncturist Nancy Hyton. * We all offer free consultations so that you can ask questions and learn how our treatments can help you with your health concerns. Just call us at 505-3174 to make an appointment. * We practice effective, natural alternatives to surgery and prescription drugs that are non-invasive and low risk * We can help you reduce or eliminate your symptoms and your need for medications, even if you have been unable to find relief through more conventional avenues * We provide symptomatic care for your current health concerns and preventive care to promote your future health and wellness * We are all well-educated, licensed professionals who are personally invested in the success of your treatments * We focus on quality, private sessions and individualized treatments, with ample time allotted for a thorough intake and proper diagnosis * We will support you as you transition to a higher level of wellness, encouraging you and teaching you simple ways to facilitate positive change * We have an herbal pharmacy on-site with over 100 affordable, natural remedies that address a wide range of common conditions * We provide holistic treatments that are covered by all Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. Many private health insurance plans also cover our services. { alternative medicine | massage | acupuncture }
  • Holistic Health and Healing Resources - This is website is an information hub for holistic health. It features informative articles, books, and other resources supporting a wide range of holistic health practices and alternative healing therapies. The holistic approach to health takes into account the entire person and his or her environment. People who subscribe to a holistic approach to health see an intimate and unbreakable connection between mind, body, and spirit. As a result, they take a great deal of responsibility for their own well being. They understand and accept the fact that their health and vitality are determined both by their environment and how they choose to live their lives within that environment. Because the holistic approach assumes a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit, persons who adopt holistic health practices tend to have very complex ideas about the prevention and treatment of illness. They do not assume that conventional, Western medicine, is the only, or best, approach available for the treatment of illness. Instead, they tend to be open to a wide range of alternative healing therapies. This website highlights many of these therapies, or modalities. Informative articles, relevant books, and other useful resources are provided to support a wide range of holistic health practices and alternative healing therapies. { alternative medicine | holistic health }