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  • Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Brian Green, Hypnotherapist & Addictions Counselor, “Feel better, do better.” Los Angeles Area. ALL ISSUES, including family, couple & teens. Alcoholism & addiction specialist. Warm, caring, experienced & confidential. Free 15 minute phone consult. Do you want to improve your internal and/or external life in some way? Feel more relaxed and confident? Change the way you think, behave, feel or function? Improve the way you perform in some area? Be more happy, successful, healthy, creative and full of joy? Feel more fulfilled as you live more of the life you've always wanted? Perhaps you you would like to feel more comfortable? Get motivated, find a better job? Have more love in your life? Stop smoking? ... { addiction | hypnotherapy | alcoholism }
  • Sober Solutions, Inc. - We are a free nationwide drug and alcohol treatment referral service. In order to help you sift through the thousands of rehab facilities throughout North America, we are providing counseling and directing services to help you and your family overcome substance abuse and find adequate treatment. Call now to speak with a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor. { addiction | ecstasy | alcohol | heroine | marijuana | methamphetamine | intervention | cocaine }
  • Olga Spiritual Counseling - My spiritual technique is about identifying and questioning stressful thoughts that trigger all kind of stressful feelings. Eventually only you are responsible for all stress, your unwelcome situations and life of your significant others. Proven method to break free from your worries, anxieties and apprehensions towards your inner freedom. { addiction | stress | guidance | counseling | relationship | spiritual }